Web Project Request Form - School of Medicine

The information in this form will be used to evaluate your project. If you need assistance completing this form please contact medweb@wayne.edu.

The School of Medicine Web Services Team has transitioned to a fee for service model to support the staff and ensure long term success of the SOM web unit. 
The Web Services team understands that there is value in being able to provide low cost options for groups that do not require a complete custom website. A "base" website has been created that accomplishes 80% of the functionality used throughout all WSU websites and can be created at a standard fee of $625 for an SOM unit.

For those units that require additional programming and design beyond the scope of what a base template can provide, or for those interested in a completely custom website, please review the cost structure below. 

Fees are broken down by hour per type of work:

  • $55 for information architecture (ux)
  • $75 for graphic design
  • $65 for programming
  • $50 for content review/editing
  • $30 for content migration
With this cost structure the majority of web projects range from $2,500-$4,000 for a site with under 150 pages. This overall cost is roughly 2-3 times lower than a third party vendor and comes with support from staff on campus.
We do offer optional maintance agreements post-launch of a site, which can be discussed at a later point of the website redesign process.
We evaluate projects using the following guidelines:
  • Does this project serve the academic mission of the SOM?
  • How many people will be served if this project is completed?
  • How much time will it take to complete the project?
  • Are there any external expenses required to complete this request?
  • What are the on-going support needs for this project after it is complete?
  • Does this project increase administrative efficiency?
  • Will this project assist in recruiting students, residents, faculty, etc?
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