Wayne State University

Public Interest Law Fellowship - Summer 2016

Please complete and submit the following form and application materials to be considered for the Summer 2016 Public Interest Law Fellowship.  All applications must be no later than 11:59 PM on [DATE].

I. Applicant Information

The statement should address the PILF selection criteria, which will include:

1. a demonstrated interest and commitment to public interest and the specific issue/area in which the applicant will be working over the summer (this demonstration may include volunteer experience with law school student groups);

2. how the applicant's proposed summer job and the community served relate to previous experiences and future goals; and

3. how the applicant's proposed employment and the community served relate to his/her broad legal education.

II. Job Information

A. First Organization

B. Second Organization

III. Letters of Support

Letters of support from an organization/employer, while optional, will be considered by the PILF Committee.

IV. Authorization to Review Academic and Financial Aid Information

Important Note

Once you click "Submit" below, you should see a confirmation page and receive a confirmation email from Min Jian Huang at ee4546@wayne.edu. If you do not see a confirmation page or receive a confirmation email, then your application has not been successfully submitted.

Please feel free to contact Min Jian Huang at 313-577-8859 or ee4546@wayne.edu, if you have questions or concerns.