Labor School and Advanced Academy Registration

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Given the uncertain nature of the public health crisis due to COVID-19, Labor School courses will be offered online this academic year. The safety and health of our students and faculty are a top priority. WSU online Labor School is an excellent and highly regarded labor education program.

Go to section A to register for Labor School, and section B to register for the Advanced Academy.


A. Fall 2020 Online Labor School Courses

The certificate program consists of 10 non-credit, 5-week, labor relations and liberal arts courses that may be taken on the main Wayne State University campus or online. The Labor Leadership Development School (Labor School) has been educating union leaders, activists and the community for over 50 years.

1. US Labor History (Sept-Oct), choose one from below;
2. Basic Grievance Handling (Sept-Oct), choose one from below;
3. State of Labor (Oct-Nov), choose one from below;
4. Your Rights in the Workplace (Oct-Nov), choose one from below;

Winter 2021 Labor School Courses

5. Economics for Workers (Jan-Feb), choose one from below;
6. Collective Bargaining (Jan-Feb), choose one from below;
7. Power and Politics (Feb-Mar), choose one from below;
8. Effective Leadership (Feb-Mar), choose one from below;
9. Leading a Diverse Organization (Mar-Apr), choose one from below;
10. Building the Union (Mar-Apr), choose one from below;


B. Advanced Labor Leadership Online Academy

The Advanced Labor Leadership Academy consists of 5 online courses, each are 5-weeks in length. Pre-requisite for admission to the Academy: successful completion of the Labor School. Consideration may be given for leadership and field experience.

Advanced Labor Leadership Academy Online Courses


Do you want to attend a free 30-minute online training that will demonstrate how to access the online courses? If so, check the day/time that you will likely be able to attend. More information will be forthcoming as we get closer to the training dates.



Labor School courses are $200 each, the Advanced Labor Leadership Academy courses are $250 each. Tuition includes all materials. Many students receive tuition assistance from their union or employer. Labor School courses are approved through UAW-Ford, GM, Chrysler and USW tuition assistance programs.

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Scholarships Available

Scholarships are available to pay a portion of the tuition, based on need, through the Ethel Schwartz Memorial Scholarship for Labor Education. Go to the following link to complete the scholarship application online: