Crafter's License Application

This type of license is available to individuals who make items by hand with the intention of selling their creations at fairs, farmer's markets or online through sites such as Etsy. 

Through this program, crafters enter into a simple contract with Wayne State University that grants permission to produce and sell licensed products using WSU trademarks.

Crafters are required to:

  • Obtain permission and approval by submitting image(s) of products.
  • Enter into a 1-year contract.
  • Pay a $25 application and royalty fee for the year.
  • Sell items directly to individuals at festivals, fairs, events or online. No wholesales/sales to any third-party retailers are permitted.
  • Sell no more than 400 units or $2000.00 worth of merchandise in one year.

Fields with asterisks (*) are required.

Are you an alumnus of Wayne State University?
Are you a current student at Wayne State University?
Where do you plan to sell your product(s)? *
Do you have or intend to create a website? *
Will your product(s) be produced at home? *