Wayne State University

Brehler Step 1 2017-2018

STEP 1: 2017-18 Brehler Manuscript Competition Registration Form

 Submission Deadline: Friday December 15, 2017 at 5PM EST

This form serves as a commitment of intent to submit a paper for consideration for the Elizabeth N. Brehler Scholars Award, and specifies the faculty member who will be available to work with the student and bring the paper to completion. The faculty mentor is responsible for committing to be available to meet with the student for approximately six hours to consult on his/her manuscript to be submitted for the Elizabeth N. Brehler Scholars Award. The student is responsible for developing a plan of work with their faculty mentor, for providing drafts for feedback with advance notice, and for submitting the manuscript on deadline. I agree to the conditions described above:

Student Information:

Faculty Mentor Information

For any questions, please contact Betsy Vanderstelt at 313-577-4464 or at FQ0994@wayne.edu