Wayne Law Business & Community Law Clinic - Application for Community Office Hours or Direct Limited Scope Legal Representation

Thank you for your interest in the services of the Business and Community Law Clinic (BCLC) at Wayne State University Law School!

If you are a low-income Detroiter or Michigander with a community-based business, or a for-profit or non-profit organization that aspires to create social good and impact to revitalize Detroit and Michigan, and you have a legal problem regarding transactional law, the BCLC may be able to assist you. The BCLC offers community office hours twice yearly in late Winter/early Spring and in mid/late Fall. In addition, the BCLC has limited capacity for limited-scope direct client representations beginning in January and late August of each year at the start of each academic semester.

In order for the BCLC to consider your organization for assistance through either community office hours or direct client representation, please fill out the following form completely. We ask that you limit the amount of information you provide to only what is necessary for us to understand the nature of your problem without any specific details. While we welcome inquiries, please do not send us any secret, confidential or privileged information until you receive written confirmation from us that we have agreed to serve as your lawyer. Completing this application does not create an attorney-client relationship. We cannot act as your attorney or provide you with any legal advice until we know that doing so will not create a conflict of interest, and until you become a BCLC client and execute a written engagement letter with the BCLC. 

This application is for low-income residents of Detroit and Michigan generally who have community-based businesses, or for-profit or non-profit organizations that aspire to create social good and impact to revitalize Detroit and Michigan. If you have an issue that does not involve transactional law or your issue is an emergency, we may still be able to assist you or refer you to an organization that can. Please call the Wayne Law Business and Community Law Clinic at 313-577-4015.

The BCLC is now accepting applications for community office hours taking place in Fall 2018 and for prospective clients to begin limited-scope direct representation in early January 2019. Review of applications will begin immediately on a rolling basis. We accept applications for representation year-round; however, we serve most clients during the academic year and generally accept new clients for direct client representation only at the start of each semester, and for community office hours in the middle of each semester. We regret that we are unable to provide you with updates on the status of your application or any further information unless and until your application is accepted.

We look forward to receiving your organization’s application, and hope you will find the application form easy to complete. If you have any questions as you fill it out, or would prefer to fill out a PDF or paper version for any reason, please reach out to us at (313) 577-4015 or by email at bclclinic@wayne.edu so that we can best help you with your request for the BCLC’s legal assistance. 

Please note that we cannot assist with every problem. If think you may qualify but are unsure, apply anyway – we’d love to help.

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By using this online application, you are asking for legal help in Michigan. The BCLC will use the information you enter to assess your problem.

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Working with the BCLC (3 Questions)

18. I authorize the BCLC to verify and make copies of any and all information provided in this application in the course of determining the organization’s eligibility for receiving assistance.
19. I understand that the BCLC accepts applications for community office hours and clients in its sole discretion according to a range of factors that include: the alignment of an organization’s needs and mission with the goals of the BCLC; the type and timeline of the transactional legal assistance requested; and the educational value of the legal assistance to be provided. I understand that the BCLC may require additional information beyond the information provided in this application, including financial information about the organization and any individuals who own and/or operate the organization, in order to assess whether the BCLC can accept this application. If the organization’s application is accepted, I agree on its behalf to receive general legal information from or representation by upper-level law students working under the supervision of a licensed attorney, as applicable. I understand that, because the BCLC is an educational course for students, it is possible that the legal information or direct legal services provided in community office hours or in the course of an attorney-client relationship, as applicable, may take longer to complete than if the legal work were to be completed by a fee-based, private practicing attorney. *
20. I hereby certify that all of the information in this application is true, correct and complete and that I have authorization to submit the organization’s application. I agree to notify the BCLC in the event of any change to this information. *