OEHS Food Event: Questionnaire

This form is designed to enable the OEHS Food Safety Program to determine if a Temporary Food License is required for events being held at WSU. All sections must be completed in order to submit.  The OEHS Food Safety Officer will follow-up with you once your form has been received and reviewed.  Please ensure that all contact information is accurate.

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Contact Information

Get Involved

Is this application associated with a room reservation application via Get Involved? *

You can find the relevant "Event Request ID" on the "Event Details" page once your Get Involved event has been submitted.

Event information

Please note that there is a 5 business day processing time for applications that require a temporary food license. Please contact OEHS if your event is planned for within the next 5 days.

Will a licensed food service establishment be serving the food? *
Is this a public event? *

Examples of Public Events:

· Events sponsored by an organization or group for the group members as a whole are considered licensable since any guests or visitors who are not members of the organization can typically attend.

· Events sponsored by the group that invite the general public.

· Groups preparing food for the needy, elderly, indigent, etc.

Further information can be found at https://research.wayne.edu/oehs/food-safety/public-event-11302017-fini.docx

Has an involved member of this event completed the "Food Handlers Training" course? *

A trained individual must be present at any WSU event that requires a temporary food license.

Further information on the Food Handlers Course can be found at http://research.wayne.edu/oehs/pdf/food_handler_11032016ph1.pdf.

Contact OEHS Food Safety if you have any questions

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