Alumni Engagement and Support

The WSU Medical Alumni Association supports a variety of engagement opportunities for alumni and students! Please select the programs you are interested in and we will reach out to you with full details! Thank you for your continued involvement and support- we are stronger together!

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Affinity to the Medical School
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MEDICAL SPECIALTY WEBINARS: Speak with M1 & M2 students about your specialty during a 1-hour, informal luncheon or webinar held virtually or at Scott Hall.
STUDENT LEARNING COMMUNITY DINNERS: Assist one of eight Student Learning Communities with advising, mentoring, career planning, and medical professionalism over a meal! These dinners, held at the School of Medicine in the Margherio Conference Room from 6-7:30PM, are arranged in small groups; with each physician personally interacting with current medical students!
SHADOWING: Allow a student to shadow you at your office, hospital.
DINNER WITH A DOC: Host dinner for a current student or students in your home or at a restaurant and share about your chosen specialty, establishing work/home-life balance, etc.
HELP OUR STUDENTS TRAVEL (HOST): Provide a free place to stay for medical students who are traveling to out-of-state residency interviews or participating in away-rotations.


MEDICAL ALUMNI REUNION WEEKEND: Join us April 28 - 30, 2023 to celebrate the classes ending in 3 & 8! More details to follow.
FUTURE DOCS: An event hosted at the WSU School of Medicine for children ages 6-12, held November 12, 2022 from 9AM-1PM. Scott Hall transforms into a hospital, where classrooms become fun and informative workshops!
MEDICAL ALUMNI BOARD OF GOVERNORS: Board members serve as a voice for the alumni body and ambassadors for the School of Medicine. They help develop programs, services, benefits and communications that foster awareness, generate pride and encourage involvement among alumni, students and the community at large.
IN RESIDENCE: Social gatherings hosted at the homes of alums in the metro-Detroit area. A great way to catch up with fellow alums and celebrate the WSU School of Medicine!
CLASS AMBASSADOR PROGRAM: Help build and maintain strong connections between your classmates and the School of Medicine. Class Ambassadors help with promoting the Alumni Reunion as well as other class-related engagements!


ADMISSIONS COMMITTEE MEMBER: Participate in one-on-one interviews, evaluating applicant performance during Interview Days. As a member, you will help select qualified medical school applicants who can excel in an environment focused on urban clinical excellence!