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If you are interested in having your agency added to one of our internship contact listings, please provide us with the following information:

Please know that it is the student's responsibility to identify a potential internship placement based on his/her career goals. We do not assign students to internships, sites, or agencies. Therefore, if a student is interested in working with your program, the student would be contacting you directly. We require that all internship placements must engage our students in pre-determined measurable learning outcomes, have a structured, well organized internship program, site must document the required hours for course credits (45 hours of work per credit hour), and the site supervisor must be responsive to our communications throughout the term.

If a student decides to pursue your location, there will be additional forms for the site supervisor to complete for the final application process and approval that the student will provide you.Once the internship placement forms and agency are approved by the University then the course instructor will contact the site supervisor to confirm the procedures for the designated term. Please also know that the following deadlines are associated with each semester for students to submit all of their required paperwork:

Fall semester: July 15th
Winter semester: November 15th
Spring/ Summer semester: March 15th

Questions? Contact Linda Jimenez at or (313) 577-6219