Statement of Financial Support

Please read the following instructions carefully before completing and submitting the Statement of Financial Support to the English Language Institute.

The United States Department of Homeland Security regulations require that all international applicants demonstrate their ability to meet all living and education expenses for the entire intended period of study in order for the University to issue a Certificate of Eligibility (ICE Form I-20 or IAP-66).  For this reason, this form must be completed and submitted regardless of the source of funding.

If a government, agency, or organization is providing funding to the applicant for studies in the United States, then upload a verification letter from the government, agency, or organization of this sponsorship.  If personal/family funds are to be used, upload a bank statement to cover at least one year of expenses in the United States.

The minimum amount necessary for studying at the English Language Institute for eight months (two semesters) is $27,570.00.  (This amount includes the cost of living and tuition for eight months.)

If the applicant is married and plans to bring the spouse and dependent children to the United States, additional funds are required to cover expenses for the spouse and children: $3,500.00 for the first dependent, and $2,500.00 for each additional dependent.

In addition, if admitted, the applicant will need to prove to the United States Consular Officer in the home country that there are sufficient funds to cover the first year of study.  Therefore, we suggest that copies of all financial documents sent in support of the application to the English Language Institute be kept to be shown to the U.S. Consular Officer.

Please complete the Statement of Financial Support below and submit it with your English Language Institute Application for Admission.

If you have questions, contact the ELI at, or call us at 313-577-2729.

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By typing my name below, I understand that the estimated expenses for study (including tuition and fees, books, room and board) at Wayne State University English Language Institute are $27,570.00 for approximately eight months of study. I am prepared to furnish the funds to meet all expenses for this student's period of study.