Library Student Advisory Council

*Application deadline is November 8

The Wayne State Libraries Student Advisory Council (LSAC) is a group of Wayne State students and library staff working together to provide our diverse campus community with the best possible library spaces, services and opportunities to succeed. It was created to give students an active voice in library-related issues on campus. 


To create and sustain open communication between the Libraries and the student population. LSAC provides students with a voice in library decisions including changes or improvements to services and policies. It will expand student opportunities to influence programs, collections, spaces, and, most importantly, effect positive change in the Libraries. 

It ultimately serves as a conduit for the transmission of student needs and concerns to the administration and staff of the Wayne State Libraries. 

What is expected of members? 

  • Members provide advice and feedback on library policies, services, and spaces 

  • Members help develop new programs and events and assist in their implementation 

  • Members share ideas and input on the design and implementation of new library services 

  • Members share insights into student study, research and library-use habits 

  • Members help communicate information about library services and resources to the student community, through discussion, organizational contacts and social media channels. 

  • Service for one academic year, approximately one meeting per month 

What would I gain from the experience? 

  • Serving on the LSAC will provide an opportunity to share and discuss library issues and concerns that are the highest priority to our students 

  • You will be an influencing voice in shaping the library services and spaces that are important to you and your peers 

  • Participation can help create the kind of library that students want, as well as an opportunity to meet new people and network. 


We will work collaboratively on projects over the course of a semester, meeting as a group around once a month. These projects are intended to give our student members a chance to gain useful skills and resume-building experience.  The projects will be designed to engage the campus, provide opportunities, promote awareness of the Libraries; improve Libraries’ services, resources, or collections; foster meaningful connections with the Libraries and students; or otherwise improve students’ academic success. 

Submissions for this form have closed on November 8, 2019 at 11:59 pm.