Financial Responsibility Agreement

Complete and submit the Financial Responsibility Agreement with Wayne State University in order to register for courses in the English Language Institute.

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Financial Responsibility Agreement with Wayne State University

Before registering for classes at Wayne State University (WSU), you must read and accept this agreement. Upon acceptance, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to the following terms and conditions:

I acknowledge that I am entering into a legal binding contract with Wayne State University to pay all tuition and fees for this semester by the payment due date. I understand that if I do not drop my classes within the allowable tuition cancellation period (based on course start/end dates) then I am financially obligated to pay for the courses even if I never attend any class sessions. Should I default on payment, I understand that I shall be responsible for all collection costs and legal fees that WSU may incur to collect any unpaid balance. Collection costs range between 25% and 33%. Legal fees are higher. I further acknowledge that any money owed WSU under a payment plan constitutes an educational loan that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy under 11 U.S.C. 523(a)(8).

Important course enrollment dates can be found on the Registration Calendar at:

Course Deadlines Policy

Term/Year: Spring/Summer 2024

I understand deadlines to drop or withdraw from ELI classes are:

Deadline to drop with tuition cancellation: 5/16/2024

Deadline to drop without tuition cancellation: N/A

Effective Fall 2018, all courses not dropped during the 100% tuition cancellation period will be graded and appear on a student's transcript. Withdrawal marks (WP, WN, WF) do not impact grade point average. The student is responsible for tuition assessed on withdrawn classes.

Deadline to withdraw (with no tuition cancellation): 7/15/2024.

Students experiencing medical issues which prevent them from completing courses may apply for medical withdrawals.

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