Winter 2021 Warrior Way Back, Returning Warrior, and Adult Learner Event Schedule

At Wayne State, we value you and your experience as an adult learner. That's why we offer a variety of events focused on your unique perspective and needs. 

Please review our upcoming virtual events below and indicate which events you will plan to attend. All events are hosted via Zoom. You will receive links to access the events via email. You are not required to enable your video, but having audio capabilities is helpful. 

If you have any questions, please contact Amber Neher at 

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I will attend the following virtual events:

January 19th, 5-7 PM Tuesday Talk: Borrower Savey, How to Manage Your Student Loans *
January 22nd, 11 AM Friday Chat: Meet and Greet/Orientation for Adult Learners *
February 9th, 5-7 PM Tuesday Talk: How 2 Win Scholarships for Adult Learners *
February 26th, 11 AM Friday Chat: Tips and Tricks for Student Success for Adult Learners *
March 9th, 5-7 PM Tuesday Talk: Graduate School – how to find and apply, what to expect *
March 26th, 11 AM Friday Chat: Planning for Spring/Summer & Fall 2021 for Adult Learners *
April 13th, 5-7 PM Tuesday Talk: Career Services and Planning for Adult Learners *
April 30th, 11 AM Friday Chat: Graduation/End of Semester Celebration *