Student Organizations - Personal reimbursement request

Use this form to submit a reimbursement request for operating expenses and supplies. All requests must be submitted within 14 days of the purchase date on your receipt(s). 

Fields with asterisks (*) are required.

Receipt Requirements

All receipts MUST show:
• Where the items were purchase – Store/Company Name
• What was purchased (Itemized list of what you bought)
• Payment method (via credit card xxxx1234)
• All receipts must indicate that a $0 balance is due.

Documentation Requirements

Reimbursement requests for items purchased for specific activities or meetings must also include a flyer showing the event date and details, or an email invitation for the meeting. In some instances a sign-in sheet might be required.

Payee Information

WayneBuy Verification: Have you been reimbursed before? If you check NO, further instructions will be sent to within 3-5 business days with how to register in the WayneBuy system. *

Expense Information

Reimbursement Total

Attach Receipts and Documentation (upload PDF of receipts)