Student Organizations - Catering Request Form

Student Organization Catering Request Form
Use this form to submit a catering request for your student organization meeting.


  1. You must have a guest speaker.
  2. The guest speaker cannot be a WSU employee.
  3. The meeting must be held at the School of Medicine.
  4. Funding cannot be used to cater your private student organization meetings.
  5. Orders must be placed one week in advance.
  6. IMPORTANT:  If you accept a catering delivery after hours, you must bring the receipt to Student Affairs after the event.  

Fields with asterisks (*) are required.


Catering Vendor & Food Selection

Jet's Pizza *
Jimmy John's *

Jimmy John's Chips ($1.59 per bag)

Jimmy John's Cookies ($12.00 6-pack only; No individual cookies sold on catering orders).

Student Affairs Use Only