Education Student Support Rooms Reservation

College of Education Student Support Rooms Reservation Form for:

  • Meditation/Reflection (114.7 and 114.8)
  • Wellness Room (Lactation - 114.1)
  • Warrior Co-Working Space (114.2)

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Wayne State University College of Education has established the Student Lounge, Wellness room (Lactation), Warrior Co-Working Space, and Reflection/Meditation rooms to support the needs of the WSU community. The College of Education requires a reservation for use of the Wellness (Lactation), Warrior Co-Working Space and reflections/meditation rooms. Please complete the below form and submit. Once the form is received, you’ll receive a response within 24 hours. Access is granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Once your reservation is confirmed, you will receive access from the Dean's office. You will complete a sign-in sheet located at the front desk in the Dean’s Office of Education (#441) to indicate the days and times you would like to have access to the room. Users will need a valid OneCard or photo ID. When you are finished using the room, you must return to the Dean’s office to sign out. Please report any issues with the room/accommodations upon check in.

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One Card Access

Procedures and Responsibilities of Users:

Users of the student lounge, wellness room, warrior co-working space and reflection/meditation rooms are required to follow the Student Code of Conduct and the below procedures and responsibilities for each room. Failure to follow room use policies may result in loss of room privileges. Report all issues regarding the room to the Dean’s office. The rooms are not soundproof. Please be respectful of others.

Wellness Room (Lactation)

1. Room capacity is limited to two (2) individuals.
2. Users may access the lactation room only for the purposes of expressing, storing, and collecting breast milk. The door to the lactation room in the Education building (1st floor inside 114 Student Lounge area) will be kept locked. Users have the ability to lock the door from the inside to prevent others from entering the room while in use.
3. Users of the lactation room are responsible for bringing their own breast pumps.
4. It is the responsibility of everyone using the lactation room to maintain a clean room ready for the next user. All breast milk spills must be cleaned using the cleaning solutions provided.
5. Expressed milk stored in the refrigerator must be labeled with user’s name, cell phone number and date the milk was expressed.
6. It is the responsibility of each user to ensure that the refrigerator is kept clean.
7. The door to the mother’s room should be kept locked.
8. Please limit use of the space to activities associated with expressing milk only.
9. It is the responsibility of each user to remove stored milk by 5:00 p.m. each day.
10. In the event of a power failure, during normal work hours (8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.), a dean’s office staff member will contact users to retrieve their stored breast milk.

Reflection/Meditation Rooms (114.7 and 114.8)

1. Room capacity is limited to one (1) individual.
2. Food and beverages will not be permitted in the room.
3. The use of flammable items, such as lit candles, burning oils, or incense are NOT allowed.
4. Cell phones are allowed but must be silenced and only used in emergency situations.
5. Users place their items here at their own risk. Wayne State University is not responsible for items left in Student Lounge area or in the Meditation/reflection rooms.
6. Bare feet will not be permitted in the rooms. Feet must be covered by socks or stockings.
7. Quiet and mutual respect of others and the rooms are expected by all users.
8. If music or other form of audio is used for expression, you must use headphones.
9. Do not disturb those using the room.
10. The Meditation/Reflection rooms are not to be used as a lounge, study area, or meeting room. The purpose of these rooms is to provide a place on campus for individuals to express their personal spiritual needs.

Warrior Co-Working Space

1. Room capacity is limited to ten (10) individuals.
2. May be used for 4 hours at a time. Longer blocks of time permissible if others have not reserved the room at the conclusion of your reservation.
3. This is not a child-care service. Children must be always accompanied and supervised by parents/guardians, including monitoring children’s safety and behavior.
4. Do not leave your children unattended.
5. WSU College of Education staff/faculty are not responsible for children. If children are left unaccompanied, WSU Public Safety will be contacted.
6. Family study room is only available for use by WSU students when their children are present.
7. No food or drink allowed.
8. Do not leave personal items in the room. Personal items left will be submitted to the Dean’s Office in the Education Bldg.
9. Resources are not censored. Parents are responsible for monitoring what their children access-both online and print materials.
10. Please respect all items in the room as well as other occupants in the Student Lounge area. The room should be left clean and orderly after use, and all items should remain in the room.

I, the undersigned, have read the above and agree to accept these conditions.