IACUC Personnel Amendment Request Form

IMPORTANT: The eProtocol system only allows the submission/processing of one amendment (or annual review) at a time.  Because amendments to add personnel can take a long time if training has not been completed, the IACUC recommends that this form be submitted before the change is made in eProtocol.  Once the new person completes all the training requirements (i.e. CITI, AniCon Questionnaire, DLAR) the PI can add him/her to the eProtocol via an amendment.  This process will allow Investigators to continue to submit general amendments while the new lab personnel complete their training requirements.  Please contact the IACUC office at 313-577-1629 if you have any questions regarding the process.  This form should be submitted to iacuc@wayne.edu.

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Personnel Information (To be Added)

Protocol Information

Personnel Experience and Responsiblites

Will this lab personnel perform or assist with any surgical procedures? *
If yes, which type of surgery will the lab personnel perform?
Will this personnel take care of animals outside of DLAR (>12 hrs)? *