The CFPCA Phoenix Reentry form is for WSU students who left on academic probation or exclusion and are now in a position to thrive academically with the opportunity to petition for return under a second start policy at CFPCA.

Application deadlines: August 1 (fall), December 1 (winter), April 1 (spring/summer)

To be eligible for this program, a student:

  • Must not have enrolled at Wayne State University for at least three consecutive years prior to application to the Phoenix Reentry Program.
  • Must be clear of all financial holds.
  • Must apply prior to restarting coursework at the university.
  • Must be approved by the CFPCA Phoenix Committee
  • Must submit a Phoenix application for the semester they would like to return. Phoenix applications are valid only for the designated semester. Students who do not enroll for that term must submit a new application

Questions? Email Susan Reynolds, the CFPCA Phoenix advisor, at 

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Part 1. Eligibility

The Phoenix Reentry Program is a second-start program for Wayne State University students only who have met the following criteria (please check the boxes below)

Part 2. Student Information

Part 3. Personal Statement