PI Onboarding / Relocating Checklist (Hazards and Lab Needs) FP&M & OEHS

This form is used by incoming faculty to initiate contact with Facilities, Planning and Maintenace and to identify the type of laboratory required, and hazards involved, in order to work safely and comply with regulations.

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Requester Information

Researcher's current location information

Researcher's Wayne State location information

Lab / Office Infrastructure

Will your office or lab require renovations? *
Other special need / use *

Type of Research

"Dry Lab"
"Wet Lab"
1. Please indicate the following chemicals that you will work with? Please see: *

*Indicate if your research involves "Wet Lab" with any of the following (If not sure, please indicate your timeline in the customer-provided narrative summary below):

2. Will you work with infectious agents (including viral vector rDNA), select agents or toxins? Please see: Biohazard Information *
Do you have any samples of infectious Poliovirus or Poliovirus potentially infectious materials? *

Poliovirus PIM includes human fecal samples and upper respiratory secretions collected for polio or non-polio related work in a time and place where one of the following apply:
1. Wild Poliovirus (WPV) was circulating
2. Vaccine derived poliovirus (VDPV) was circulating
3. Oral polio vaccine was in use.
Please see: Poliovirus Eradication Initiative

3. Will you work with any radioactive material or use radiation emitting equipment? Please see: Ionizing Radiation Use Information *
4. Will you work with vertebrate animals? Please see:Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee Information *
5. Will you generate chemotherapy waste? Note: In Michigan, all chemotherapy waste must be managed as hazardous chemical waste.
6. Will you work with Class 3b or 4 Lasers? Please see: Laser Safety Information *
7. Will you work with Controlled Substances? Please see : Controlled Substances Program *
8. Do you plan to ship Dangerous Goods (Hazardous Materials,including dry ice)? Please see : Dangerous Goods Shipment Information *
9. Do you work with combustible metals, or combustible metal compounds? *
If yes, do you have access to a Class D fire extinguisher?
10. Do you work with flammable materials that need to be refrigerated? *
If yes, do you have access to a flammable rated refrigerator?

Customer-provided narrative: