Education Website Revision Request Form

The College of Education website is a critical resource to daily operations and as such is subject to change to ensure that the content is accurate and appropriate. Below are general guidelines and procedures for submitting approved changes to the Education website.

General Guidelines

All changes to the Education website require approval from the appropriate content owner.

The content owners, designated by each division, are responsible for reviewing, approving, and submitting all related content edits for their respective areas of the College of Education website via email to Donna Carroll, and cc Anita Welch,

Content owners are to provide content changes in a digital format that can be effectively copied from the source to the Education website.

Content changes are to be submitted via the Education Website Revision Request Form.


Content owners are to review their respective web pages periodically for accuracy of information.

If changes are necessary, the content owner is to submit a Education Website Revision Request Form to Donna Carroll, and cc Anita Welch,

Donna Carroll will work directly with the content owner to make the necessary changes within 7-10 working days.

Donna Carroll will notify the content owners if the requested changes will take longer than 10 days.

Once the requested changes have been made and are "live" on the Education website, confirmation on the completed request will be sent to the content owners.

Fields with asterisks (*) are required.

While it is our goal to meet all information requests effectively and in a timely manner, the realities of workload and staff necessitate that the College of Education Dean's Office must prioritize its activites. This form will allow us to effectively and efficiently evaluate requests for changes to the Education website. You may be contacted by a Dean's Office Web Team member concerning details of your request and a time frame for our response.

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