Graduate Music Audition/Interview Request

  • All students are considered for talent-based departmental scholarships if they complete their live audition or submit a recorded audition/interview on or before February 18, 2022. Students will receive a letter regarding talent-based scholarships in March 2022.
  • Students will receive a letter from the Department of Music with audition results within two weeks of their audition.
  • Graduate applicants will take Graduate Placement Exams the week before their first semester classes begin. Study guides are posted on the Graduate Programs web page.

Upon approval of your Audition Request Form, auditiong students will submit a recorded audition on a principal instrument of voice. For audition requirements for the various programs please visit the Online Audition Requirements page.

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Graduate applicants must possess an undergraduate degree in the same field for which she/he wishes to pursue graduate study, or its equivalent in coursework, private study or experience.

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* Majors Require Interview. Your request will be forwarded to the appropriate faculty member and they will schedule an interview with you.

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Gretchen Valade Assistantship in Jazz Applicants Only

Applicants intending on auditioning for the Jazz Performance Program and wish to be considered for the Gretchen Valade Assistantship in Jazz are required to upload a letter of interest, resume, and sample of work (audio recordings and/or sample scores) to demonstrate artistic accomplishment in addition to the audition requirements for their instrument. All materials are due by February 18, 2022.

Please click this checkbox if you are applying for the Assistantship in Jazz.

Audition Requirements

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