Volunteer Application - The HIGH Program

Thank you for your interest and willingness to know more and become a volunteer to HIGH program. Your energy and expertise are needed for the HIGH Program and HIGH students. The HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program was developed in late 2013 by our university’s First Lady, Mrs. Jacqueline Wilson, to assist students who are homeless, precariously housed, or in financial hardship achieve their goals of earning a degree from Wayne State University, and change the world around them. The HIGH Program provides resources to WSU students such as tuition and student housing support, as well as textbooks, school supplies, clothing, transportation, and childcare assistance.

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Non-disclosure/confidentiality agreement

Volunteers will not be given access to student information, most of which is protected against unauthorized disclosure both by Federal law (the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, or ‘FERPA’) and by Wayne State University policy. However, volunteers are expected to exercise the greatest possible discretion regarding ALL student information with which they may come into contact, whether or not the information is covered by FERPA, and even if they simply overhear the information or come into contact with the information accidentally. As a volunteer, you agree that you will not record, repeat, or in any way communicate to any third party any student information of which you may become aware. This is true regardless of how you learn of the information - whether you learn of the information in an e-mail, a text, in writing, on a record of some sort, or even if you simply happen to overhear something.’

Wayne State University and the HIGH Program can’t stress how important this is. Volunteers must be respectful of and sensitive to the privacy of those we serve. Any violation of this rule will mean that we will have no alternative but to ask you to leave and to discontinue your involvement in this important program.